Hocrus the Cyclone Knight

The great robot that uses spear is driven by a pilot named Tomat.
Have 3 powerfull skill

1. Cyclone Spin

The spear knight swing its spear to banish its enemies.

Area of damage : Medium area around Hocrus

Damage : Small - Medium

Charge time : 0 - 2 seconds


2. Cyclone Dash

Hocrus spin its spear and cut everything in its path.

Area of damage : Linear area in front of Hocrus

Damage : Medium

Charge time : 2 - 4 seconds


3. Cyclone King

Hocrus waves its spear, and everything in front of him vanishes.

Area of damage : Linear area in front of Hocrus

Damage : High

Charge time : > 4 seconds

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